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  • Renting out your campervan or motorhome for extra retirement income

    Do you own a motorhome that is sitting on your drive for half the year when it could be earning you money? This article explains what you need to know to start renting out your campervan or motorhome.

  • What Not to Do in Retirement - 5 Things to Avoid in Later Life

    Want to know what NOT to do in retirement? Check out these top tips from the Mirthy community to make the most of your time.

  • An Introduction to Bloodline Wills

    A bloodline will is invaluable as far as securing your estate and financially protecting your family is concerned. In this article, we explore whether or not they are the right choice for you.

  • Getting Started With Allotment Gardening

    Interested in allotment gardening and the promise of growing your own fresh produce? Join Sue as she provides a detailed guide on the main considerations and how best to get started.

  • The Best Herbs to Grow: A Guide for Budding Gardeners

    In the second article from this series on herbs, Lynda will describe the best herbs to grow at home, including a delicious recipe allowing you to savour the finished product.

  • Finding Love at 50 Plus

    Dating expert Cynthia Spillman shows how to re-embark on the relationship journey in later life, revealing the steps you need to take to find love at 50 plus.

  • Writing a Memoir: How to Share Your Life Story

    Many people may consider writing a memoir during their retirement, with much more free time to dedicate to the project. This article will explain what a memoir is and the reasons you may want to write one, providing essential advice for any budding author.

  • Growing Herbs at Home: A Beginner's Guide to Starting Your Own Garden

    In this article, Lynda discusses her love of herbs and how to get started growing your own, along with a simple dessert recipe using your freshly-grown produce.

  • Ready, set, launch: The first year of Mirthy Book Club

    The Mirthy Book Club has been running since April 2021. For anyone who has joined us from the start, or for any new members wondering what it’s all about, let’s look back at some of the highlights from this year.

  • Member Spotlight: Jane

    In this interview with Community and Events Manager, Abbie, one of Mirthy's super users, Jane gives us some insight into her retirement, and how Mirthy came into her life...

  • Expedition Cruising: Everything You Need to Know

    In this article, Sue explores the topic of expedition cruising - what it is, if it's for you, and the main considerations before booking.

  • This Time Last Year

    With a new year comes a time to reflect on the progress of the year just past, the accomplishments we have made, and the growth of our wonderful community.

    champagne cheers for new year to reflect on 2021
  • Free Courses for Over 60s – Our Essential Guide

    If you'd like to explore your options for further learning, there are often free courses for over 60s to satisfy even the most curious minds. Click here to consult our essential guide.

    free courses for over 60s
  • 8 Companies Employing Older Workers in the UK

    Companies employing older workers are becoming increasingly common as careers extend in duration. In this guide, we present 8 different potential employers.

    mature businessman illustrating companies employing older workers
  • Church Bell Ringing Explained

    Church bell ringing is a popular hobby with many passionate practitioners. In this guide, veteran bell ringer, Sally Jenkins, explores what it takes to get going.

  • Walking in the Namib Desert: The Adventure of a Lifetime

    Namibia is a country of compelling beauty and unconfined space. Join Jenny Bowen as she embarks on a walking adventure in the Namib Desert.

  • Storytelling Café: Breaking News From the North Pole

    A story that was enjoyed by the December Storytelling Café. Told by Sandy Leong, adapted from a story that is in the public domain.

  • Becoming a Teacher Later in Life

    Becoming a teacher later in life isn't as impossible as you might think. In this guide, we investigate your options for retraining and career-changing.

    50 year old man becoming a teacher later in life
  • 5 Incredible Ideas to Add to Your Retirement Bucket List

    Do you have any adventurous items on your retirement bucket list? In this article, we asked the Mirthy community for their ideas.

    a retiree paragliding - an activity on their retirement bucket list
  • Volunteering in Retirement: How to Make a Difference

    Volunteering in retirement is a wonderful way to capitalise on existing skills and knowledge whilst also making a difference. Let's look at some popular opportunities in this essential guide.

    woman with dog volunteering in retirement
  • Over 50s Apprenticeship Schemes

    Over 50s apprenticeship schemes are becoming increasingly common as older adults retrain and change careers in later life. Click here to learn more.

    trainee electrician illustrating over 50s apprenticeship schemes
  • Grandparents’ Rights in the UK: A Beginner's Guide

    Grandparents’ rights can be an overwhelming, delicate subject for many. If you find yourself in the unfortunate event of a family dispute, it’s important that you know where you stand.

    granddaughter with grandmother illustrating an article about grandparents rights
  • Enjoying Retirement: The Ultimate Guide

    Enjoying retirement doesn't necessarily mean becoming more sedentary, as we'll discover in this guide, which details exactly how to remain happy and healthy.

    sue on a bicycle enjoying retirement
  • Retraining at 50 and Above – Your Options for the Future

    Fancy a job switch or career change? Retraining at 50 and above is an increasingly viable option. Start your journey here.

  • 10 Great Ways to Create a Hedgehog Friendly Garden

    Discover how to create a hedgehog friendly garden with these 10 top tips, supporting this wonderful animal from its worrying population decline.

  • 7 Potential Low Stress Jobs After Retirement

    If you want to supplement your pension, gradually step back from work or simply remain as active as possible, consider these 7 potential low stress jobs after retirement

    older adult man in suit looking for low stress jobs after retirement
  • Making Bath Salts at Home: The Essential Guide

    A relaxing bath is the ultimate expression of self-care. To make the experience even more enjoyable, bath salts are often added. But what are they and which ones are best?

  • The Golden Gap Year

    In this article, Pen Turner tells of her decision to uproot her life in her mid-fifties, embarking on a golden gap year of world travel and more importantly, how you can too!

    pen turner's golden gap year
  • Giraffe Encounters in the Kingdom of Eswatini

    Join Jenny Bowen as she recounts one of her hikes through The Kingdom of Eswatini and her up-close encounters with its resident Giraffe

  • Gongoozling for Beginners

    In this article. Neil gives us an insight into his experience of life on a boat and tips on how you can get into 'gongoozling' yourself...

    gongoozling for beginners
  • 10 Little-Known Benefits of Hand Massage

    We all know about having luxury pamper sessions with Hand Massage as an occasional treat. However, Hand Massage should be very therapeutic not just for holidays. Hand Massage can be very useful because hands are so accessible. Even though hands are used all the time, they can be often neglected.

    treatment showing the benefits of hand massage
  • Life in Lockdown: Beauty On Our Doorstep

    “You must all stay at home!” I don’t think any of us will ever forget the night of Boris’s historic announcement - 23rd March 2020 - that triggered the first Covid lockdown. Read Sue's account of how she managed to stay positive during lockdown, and the beauty she found in her local area.

  • 7 Air Travel Tips for the Infrequent Flyer

    Pen was in her fifties when she decided give up her job and sell her house. She spent the next six months travelling around the world, visiting friends who had only been a name on an email and doing some of the things she had promised herself she would do 'one day' – all accompanied by a small toy penguin called Scott.

  • Member Spotlight: Anna

    Community and Events Manager, Abbie spoke to Mirthy member, Anna to talk retirement, life during the pandemic, and what she thinks about Mirthy...

  • Winter Travel Destinations in the UK

    With Covid making travel abroad difficult, we at Mirthy have compiled a list of UK based destinations which make glorious winter travel destinations, whether you are looking for a warm drink and a cosy fireplace, sparkly festive lights, picturesque frosty walks, or shopping galore, the UK boasts destinations fit for any traveler in the winter months.

  • Member Spotlight: Martin

    The second in our series of member interviews with community and events manager, Abbie. Find out what Martin had to say about Mirthy...

  • Delving into the Past: My Family History Research

    A few years after Sue's dad died, she decided to start tracing her family tree. This sparked questions such as, "Why on earth hadn’t I asked him more while he was still alive?" and "How many times have those researching their family histories asked themselves that question?" Sue explains the process in this article on 'Delving into the Past'.

  • Member Spotlight: Debbie

    As part of our customer development programme, our community and events manager, Abbie, conducted some interviews with some of our members. First up is Debbie...

  • Autumn/Winter Fashion for Women Over 50

    As the seasons change and you begin to dig out warmer clothes for the colder weather, it can be challenging to find interesting looks that show your identity, while still being practical and “age-appropriate”. In this article, we explore the options.

  • Exercise Over 50: An Introductory Guide

    Are you starting to exercise over 50? It’s imperative to invest in our health and wellbeing at any age, but the stakes only increase in later life. If you’re keen to become more active, this introductory guide is for you.

  • The Retirement Guide (2021)

    Are you enjoying an active retirement or planning your escape from the working world? In this guide, we’ll consider how to make the most of your golden years.

  • Finding Social Clubs and Groups in Later Life: The Beginner’s Guide

    We all benefit from being active, social participants in our community. Therefore, in this article, we’ll explore social clubs and groups for retirees and see how we can all become more involved and engaged in our local area.

  • Elderly Loneliness: The Essential Guide

    In this article, we’ll look at why elderly loneliness is an issue and what we can do to help both ourselves and our loved ones.

  • Local History: The Researcher's Guide

    Curious about local history? In this guide, public speaker & Mirthy member Margaret Mills investigates this rewarding pursuit & what it takes to get started

  • Wondering What to Do in Retirement? Focus on the Following 9 Things

    Have you eagerly anticipated what to do in retirement, but when the time finally arrives, are unsure how to use all the extra hours? If so, click here.

  • Retirement Travel and Holidays

    What better way to enjoy retirement than with travel and holidays? Click here for an overview.

  • Silver Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business as an Older Adult

    Entrepreneurship for older adults is an increasingly viable option. To learn more about getting started in business in later life, click here.

  • The Ultimate Grandparents Guide

    Are you a new grandparent? Seeing your children’s children for the first time is a huge milestone in life. Click here to read our guide.

  • Arts and Crafts for Adults

    Do you harbour hidden creativity; an inner van Gogh perhaps? If so, arts and crafts may be just the ticket. Use this article to unlock some inspiration!

  • Over 50’s Dating: Looking for Love

    Interested in over 50's dating? Relationships change as we age, so in this guide we look a how to meet someone special in later life. Click here for more.

  • What Everyone Should Know About Retirement Homes

    Looking for information on retirement homes? Read this introductory guide to discover why so many people in later life choose this comfortable, safe option

  • The 23 Best Activities for Elderly People

    Looking for a list of activities for elderly people or perhaps your parents? In this article, we cover a range of pursuits to improve health and happiness.

  • Respite Care: The Essential Guide

    Respite care is essential to provide breaks to carers and their loved ones. For more information on the services available, click here.

  • The Carers Guide

    Carers help millions of people enjoy a good quality of life every day. In this guide, we’ll cover everything about the role and what support is available.

  • Changing Career at 50 and Above: An Occupational Guide

    Changing career at 50 is increasingly common as older adults seek to transition to new work. But it’s a challenging process. Click here to learn more.

  • Three Inspirational TED Talks for Later Life

    Hearing another human giving a talk is a timeless and engaging activity. So, here are three inspirational TED talks for later life. Click to watch.

  • Three Secrets for a Healthy Mind and Body

    It's imperative to maintain a healthy mind and body, especially as we get older. In this article we look at three important factors we need to consider.

  • An Introduction to Public Speakers

    Mirthy speakers provide online events every week to both entertain and inform. To learn more about the process, click here.

  • The Importance of Staying Active in Later Life

    This article explores the notion of staying active in later life along with practical steps on staying independent as we age. Click here to read more.

  • The Story of Book Clubs

    Are you keen to meet new people while reminiscing over your favourite read? If so, a book club might be just the ticket. Click here to learn more.

  • Speech Writing and Editing

    Looking for speech writing and editing advice? You're in the right place. To ensure that your public speaking performance is up to par for those all-important Mirthy events, click here.

  • 10 Public Speaking Tips for an Entertaining Talk

    Looking for public speaking tips? You're in the right place. Learn the techniques you need to deliver a memorable and engaging talk.

  • Tracing Your Family Tree

    An article from Mirthy member, Kath Reynolds, about tracing your family tree. Click here to learn more.

  • The Battle of Cape Matapan: March 28 to 29, 1941

    An article summarising the Battle of Cape Matapan: March 28 to 29, 1941.

  • Public Speaker Announcement: Expect the Unexpected

    In this article, Mirthy member Tony Griffith draws on his public speaking experience and cautions fellow speakers to expect the unexpected.

  • From Cop to Coppicer

    In this article, community member James Ellson describes his transition from police work to smallholder and now writer. Click here to learn more.

  • Origin of a Stage Name: How We Became Bob and Dot

    Graham Towse and Bronwen Harrison, as partners in Sun Jester since the mid-1990’s, offer education sessions & music and arts performances.

  • Battle of Austerlitz – 2 December 1805

    A summary of the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805 by Mirthy community member, Tim Barney. Click here to learn more.

  • Staying Connected This Christmas

    Christmas is an important time to reconnect with friends and family. Click here to learn more.

  • The Precedence of the Unprecedented

    This year has truly been a period of history in the making. An incredible amount of change in one year. A year of uprooting, unsettlement and upheaval.

  • The Lioness Nearly Ate My Bacon

    In this article, Mirthy member and public speaker Jenny Bowen recounts her time in Zimbabwe and a culinary encounter with a group of lions.

  • Why I Became a Speaker

    In this community article, Brenda Cameron explains how she began public speaking, having overcome a chronic illness known as ME. Click here to learn more.

  • Retired? Who’s Retired?

    In this article, Neil Sadler, formerly an Inspector in the Sussex Police, recounts how he first got started with public speaking. Click here for more.

  • Storytelling

    In this article, Mirthy member and public speaker Simon Waterfield shows how stories exist all around us, just waiting to be told. Click here for more.

  • Cultural Evolution: Circa 60,000 Years Ago to 12,000 Years Ago

    In this article, Neil Meldrum investigates the origins of human creativity and cultural evolution from 60,000 to 12,000 years ago.

  • Day Centres for Older Adults

    Day centres for older adults are an essential part of social care in the UK. So if you or a loved one needs a break, click here to learn more.

  • The Local Quiz Guide

    Looking to find or start a local quiz? Quizzes are extremely popular within the Mirthy community. Click here to learn more!

  • In the Beginning: The Cultural Evolution of Mankind

    In this article, Neil Meldrum examines the cultural evolution of Mankind, from the time that we became modern humans, or Homo Sapiens.

  • Public Speaking: A Life on the Road

    Here's a "month in the life" article by Kath Reynolds, a public speaker who delivers between 8-10 talks every week! Click here to read more.

  • Activities for a Winter Lockdown

    Here are some activities to boost spirits and keep going in these incredibly tough times.

  • Introducing the Queen Victoria's Consort

    Queen Victoria's Consort is made up of some of the country’s leading early brass musicians and directed by Andy Kershaw.

  • Battle of Pavia - February 25, 1525

    Italian Wars of the Sixteenth Century: First War between François I of France and Habsburg Emperor Charles V, 1521 - 1526.

  • The Retreat from Kabul, January 6 to 13, 1842

    Major General Sir William Elphinstone with 4,500 regular soldiers and approximately 14,000 civilians, versus Wazir Akbar Khan and other Afghan chieftains with an unknown number of Ghilzai irregular fighters, possibly as many as 30,000.

  • The Christmas Truce

    We are all familiar with the popularised image of the 1914 ‘Christmas Truce’: the sight of soldiers on both sides spontaneously rising from their trenches and fraternising in no man’s land. Click here to learn more about this wartime story.

  • Lockdown Reading

    A positive aspect of lockdown has been the increased time available for reading. Check out the following book recommendations by Sally Jenkins.

  • Ascension Island

    This article was written by Baz Hamblin, a navigator for the RAF for 25 years who then found himself running a training company for airline pilots for 25 years after doing a favour for a friend.

  • It's in the Blood!

    I suppose you could say the theatre is in my blood...

  • Comfortless Cove Fever Station

    With the coronavirus putting countries around the world in lockdown, can the fever station at Comfortless Cove, Ascension Island, where sailors in the 19th century were forced to quarantine, offer us lessons on how to fight back?

  • My First Hundred Talks

    Successful speaking is about more than what you say. It’s about engaging with your audience, says public speaker, Mike Brook.

  • March Winds Doth Blow

    'Who could have guessed how much the Coronavirus situation would have turned our lives around?', asks Mirthy community member, Kath Reynolds.

  • Solitude - A Short Essay

    I walk slowly through the park. A feeling of ineffable sadness overwhelms me. The feeling of grief gets stronger and I am close to tears...

  • 'The Strangest of Christmases' - SHORTLIST

    Introducing entries for the Mirthy community Christmas competition!

  • 'The Strangest of Christmases' - WINNERS

    Here we have the winners of the Mirthy community Christmas competition!