Highlights of 2021 from Team Mirthy and our amazing community

With a new year comes a time to reflect on the progress of the year just past, the people we have met along the way, the accomplishments we have made both as a team and individuals, and the growth of our wonderful community.

So, who were Mirthy this time last year?

We were a team of 3 full-time and 2 part-time members of staff.

Now, as we enter 2022, there are 10 of us working full-time and 5 part-time at Team Mirthy! That is triple! Some of us you will have got to know along the way, and others are working hard behind the scenes to bring you the best service we can!

Community Manager, Mahalia, who joined the team full-time in October said, “being a part of Team Mirthy and the community we have created is so fulfilling. It is incredible to see what a positive effect the work we do has on our members' wellbeing, and it’s been such a pleasure getting to know so many of this amazing community over the last few months! I love hearing everyone's experiences whether it be at events, on the Facebook group, or over the phone, and I can’t wait for more to come in 2022!”

We were running just 8 online lectures a month

Compared to a diverse schedule of over 60 online activities, classes and events today! Looking at the incredible range of events now, it’s hard to imagine that we once had a much smaller schedule to fill your diaries with!

Abbie, our Community and Events Manager, had this to say, “Overseeing Mirthy's development from being a predominantly talks platform to a full and diverse programme of events has been an incredible journey this year. I feel like I have the best job in the world when I get to attend so many fantastic events and meet so many incredible people.

From travel talks that highlight why you should show an interest in everyone you meet, to learning about inspiring characters in history, to sharing the power of creativity and art; I have learnt so much from the hosts and our attendees and am constantly inspired by their resilience, passion and commitment.

Personal highlights this year include the Festival of Belonging, where I first felt like I got to know members of the community better through more interactive events, Black History Month and in particular a Percussion Workshop from a cast member of Stomp! And the Book Club Q&A, interviewing Dr Michael Perfect, and Desert Island Discs, which I led at 30 minutes notice and absolutely loved!”

what we do.PNG

Achievements from 2021

We launched our membership subscription service, Mirthy Unlimited

And so many of you were overjoyed to be able to access all of our events for such great value. As Vivienne put it, “after trying a free month of the monthly subscription, I have been paying £4.99 a month since, which is a bargain as you can take part in such a lot of different events”!

We launched the replay function

And now so many more of you can enjoy (or even rewatch!) our events in your own time. This has opened the Mirthy door to so many new members who were missing out before due to the times of our live events clashing with other commitments, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to bring so many more of you along on our adventure of learning, trying new things, and staying active!

We nearly doubled the number of events and attendees!

We ran 660 events in 2021 (compared with 343 in 2020) with a whopping 80,000 attendees (compared with 43,000 in 2020)!

We published over 75 pages in our Content Library

Found in the Articles section of our website, there are many blog posts by guest writers, comprehensive guides around topics of life after retirement, exciting anecdotal stories, works of fiction and more!

We rebranded!

Led by our fabulous users, we completely revamped our look with a whole new logo, colour scheme, and messaging! Our product manager Bilal worked tirelessly on this process, and we just couldn’t wait to reveal it to all our wonderful members.

Your world your way

“The rebranding project was a very exciting experience for us internally. Firstly, we had to translate Mirthy’s purpose, company values, and customer feedback into what we felt was the most appropriate artistic imagery, and secondly to redesign our website to maximise the impact and function of our brand’s services for new and existing users alike. This process created a foundation for a deep and meaningful brand, and a collaborative work environment that is essential in making Mirthy successful in achieving its aims.” Bilal - Product Manager.

We ran our first Festival

As mentioned in an earlier quote from Abbie, back in June we held the Festival of Belonging, our first online festival of events for Marmalade Trust’s ‘Loneliness Awareness Week’. When interviewed, one of our members Debbie said,

“At the time, I was limited with what I could do so it was really nice to go to a festival without leaving home. I think I did most of the festival sitting on my bed! And I definitely saw people that I’ve seen before- it was nice because you did get to meet people”. You can read more about Debbie’s experience with Mirthy here.

We secured over $1 million in funding from four venture capital funds

Which you can read all about here.

In addition, Mirthy was awarded one of 12 spaces on UnLtd's ‘Thrive: Solutions for an Ageing Society’ accelerator and completed our year at the University of Cambridge Social Ventures Incubator.