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  • Volunteering With Animals

    Volunteering with animals can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and there are many opportunities available for eager helpers. Click here to learn more.

  • Mentoring Young People – The Essential Guide

    Mentoring young people is not only personally rewarding, but can have a hugely positive impact on society. Click here to learn more.

  • 8 Potential Jobs for Retired Teachers: Ideas to Get You Started

    There are many potential jobs for retired teachers. So, if you are looking to capitalise on your educational experience, read the following article for some inspiration.

  • Ageism in the Workplace: How It Affects Older Adults

    Sadly, ageism in the workplace continues to be common issue, especially among older employees. Click here to learn more about the topic and what you can do when facing discrimination.

  • Second Time Around: How to Start a Successful Encore Career

    An encore career is an increasingly popular choice for those soon-to-be or currently retired. Click here to learn more about second careers, as we explore your options.

  • Want to Keep Working After Retirement? You're Not Alone

    Want to keep working after retirement? In this guide, we explore the pros and cons of continuing in employment.

  • 8 Companies Employing Older Workers in the UK

    Companies employing older workers are becoming increasingly common as careers extend in duration. In this guide, we present 8 different potential employers.

    mature businessman illustrating companies employing older workers
  • Becoming a Teacher Later in Life

    Becoming a teacher later in life isn't as impossible as you might think. In this guide, we investigate your options for retraining and career-changing.

    50 year old man becoming a teacher later in life
  • Volunteering in Retirement: How to Make a Difference

    Volunteering in retirement is a wonderful way to capitalise on existing skills and knowledge whilst also making a difference. Let's look at some popular opportunities in this essential guide.

    woman with dog volunteering in retirement
  • Over 50s Apprenticeship Schemes

    Over 50s apprenticeship schemes are becoming increasingly common as older adults retrain and change careers in later life. Click here to learn more.

    trainee electrician illustrating over 50s apprenticeship schemes
  • Retraining at 50 and Above – Your Options for the Future

    Fancy a job switch or career change? Retraining at 50 and above is an increasingly viable option. Start your journey here.

  • 7 Potential Low Stress Jobs After Retirement

    If you want to supplement your pension, gradually step back from work or simply remain as active as possible, consider these 7 potential low stress jobs after retirement

    older adult man in suit looking for low stress jobs after retirement
  • Silver Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business as an Older Adult

    Entrepreneurship for older adults is an increasingly viable option. To learn more about getting started in business in later life, click here.

  • Changing Career at 50 and Above: An Occupational Guide

    Changing career at 50 is increasingly common as older adults seek to transition to new work. But it’s a challenging process. Click here to learn more.