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  • How to Run a Book Club: 5 Top Tips

    Want to know how to run a book club? Abbie Jessop, Mirthy's Community and Events Manager, shares her 5 top tips!

    stack of book club titles
  • Life After 50: What to Expect

    Life after 50 can be a daunting prospect. In this article, we explore this important life chapter and potential points for consideration.

    woman drinking tea considering life after 50
  • 4 of the Best Places to Retire in the World

    Wondering about the best places to retire in the world? Here are 4 recommendations that might just provide some inspiration for an overseas adventure.

  • Living on a Narrowboat in Retirement

    Many dream of adventure after giving up work and living on a narrowboat in retirement falls firmly into that category. Click here for helpful hints and advice if you're considering this lifestyle.

  • Downsizing for Retirement – Deciding When It's Right

    Downsizing for retirement is a tricky decision. In this article, we'll investigate the various considerations before making the big move.

  • The Post-Retirement Novel

    Are you a literature lover? Read about how Tricia Cresswell discovered creative writing in retirement and penned The Midwife, her debut novel!

  • 6 Different Types of Retirement

    The decision to leave the working world provides more options than you might expect. Click here to read about 6 different types of retirement.

  • 6 of the Best Places to Retire in the UK

    Wondering about the best places to retire in the UK? Check out this list to see our six top picks.

  • Planting Herbs: Pots, Beds, Compost and More!

    Planting herbs is an essential part of gardening. Learn how to do it effectively in this essential guide, by Lynda Warren.

  • Getting a Dog: Information and Advice for New Owners

    Getting a dog is a big decision and one that can have a significant effect on your lifestyle. In this guide, we cover all the considerations for would-be owners.

  • The 7 Best Places to Retire in Europe

    Wondering about the best places to retire in Europe? This article has you covered, as we consider lifestyle, visas and finances.

    spain, one of the best places to retire in europe
  • Herb Cuttings: How to Propagate Your Own Plants at Home

    In this article, Lynda Warren shows us how to use herb cuttings to propagate our own supply of plants at home.

  • Shared Reading: Another Way to Enjoy Your Favourite Books

    Shared Reading is a unique experience allowing us to enjoy our favourite books in a group setting. Join Reader Leader, Sally Jenkins, as she explores what it is and how to get started.

  • Knitting as a Hobby

    Knitting as a hobby is growing in popularity. Not only is it a wonderful creative activity, but also beneficial for health and wellbeing.

  • Life After Retirement

    Life after retirement can look very different and require time to adjust. Join Sandy, as she explores the topic and what it means to be retired.

  • How to Start a Club, Organisation or Social Group

    Do you have an interest or hobby that isn't catered for in your local area? Learn how to start a club, organisation or social group to meet the need!

  • Growing Herbs From Seed: A Gardener's Guide

    Do you want to produce your own food? Start by growing herbs from seed! In this article, we explore everything you need to know.

    bowl of basil leaves illustrating an article about growing herbs from seed
  • What Not to Do in Retirement - 5 Things to Avoid in Later Life

    Want to know what NOT to do in retirement? Check out these top tips from the Mirthy community to make the most of your time.

  • Getting Started With Allotment Gardening

    Interested in allotment gardening and the promise of growing your own fresh produce? Join Sue as she provides a detailed guide on the main considerations and how best to get started.

  • The Best Herbs to Grow: A Guide for Budding Gardeners

    In the second article from this series on herbs, Lynda will describe the best herbs to grow at home, including a delicious recipe allowing you to savour the finished product.

  • Writing a Memoir: How to Share Your Life Story

    Many people may consider writing a memoir during their retirement, with much more free time to dedicate to the project. This article will explain what a memoir is and the reasons you may want to write one, providing essential advice for any budding author.

  • Growing Herbs at Home: A Beginner's Guide to Starting Your Own Garden

    In this article, Lynda discusses her love of herbs and how to get started growing your own, along with a simple dessert recipe using your freshly-grown produce.

  • Church Bell Ringing Explained

    Church bell ringing is a popular hobby with many passionate practitioners. In this guide, veteran bell ringer, Sally Jenkins, explores what it takes to get going.

  • 5 Incredible Ideas to Add to Your Retirement Bucket List

    Do you have any adventurous items on your retirement bucket list? In this article, we asked the Mirthy community for their ideas.

    a retiree paragliding - an activity on their retirement bucket list
  • Enjoying Retirement: The Ultimate Guide

    Enjoying retirement doesn't necessarily mean becoming more sedentary, as we'll discover in this guide, which details exactly how to remain happy and healthy.

    sue on a bicycle enjoying retirement
  • 10 Great Ways to Create a Hedgehog Friendly Garden

    Discover how to create a hedgehog friendly garden with these 10 top tips, supporting this wonderful animal from its worrying population decline.

  • Making Bath Salts at Home: The Essential Guide

    A relaxing bath is the ultimate expression of self-care. To make the experience even more enjoyable, bath salts are often added. But what are they and which ones are best?

  • Gongoozling for Beginners

    In this article. Neil gives us an insight into his experience of life on a boat and tips on how you can get into 'gongoozling' yourself...

    gongoozling for beginners
  • Autumn/Winter Fashion for Women Over 50

    As the seasons change and you begin to dig out warmer clothes for the colder weather, it can be challenging to find interesting looks that show your identity, while still being practical and “age-appropriate”. In this article, we explore the options.

  • What Everyone Should Know About Retirement Homes

    Looking for information on retirement homes? Read this introductory guide to discover why so many people in later life choose this comfortable, safe option

  • Arts and Crafts for Adults

    Do you harbour hidden creativity; an inner van Gogh perhaps? If so, arts and crafts may be just the ticket. Use this article to unlock some inspiration!

  • Wondering What to Do in Retirement? Focus on the Following 9 Things

    Have you eagerly anticipated what to do in retirement, but when the time finally arrives, are unsure how to use all the extra hours? If so, click here.

  • The Retirement Guide (2022)

    Are you enjoying an active retirement or planning your escape from the working world? In this guide, we’ll consider how to make the most of your golden years.