As we come to terms with the reality of another lockdown, we thought it would be a good idea to share some activities to boost spirits and keep going in these incredibly tough times. Many of the suggestions have been provided by community members in our Facebook page, which you can join here.

Mirthy events

Of course, we will continue to provide online events for you to join!

Every Thursday 2pm, we have our free online talks for the public.

Every Tuesday 2pm, starting on January 12th, we will offer premium online talks for the cost of £2.99 per device. Included in this ticket is a live Q&A, the opportunity to chat to fellow attendees and a 7-day talk replay.

We also have an exciting new addition to our Mirthy online events to announce. On Friday 29th January at 3pm we will be holding our first online music concert ‘Brass from the Past’. Featuring the Queen Victoria’s consort, this concert programme offers music from the 19th century played on original 19th century instruments and filmed in venues correct to the Victorian (and early Edwardian) period. (We will be releasing more details over the next few weeks!)


A Pub Quiz is a household favourite, only now it is a ‘Zoom Quiz’ that consumes an evening! We will be hosting a Mirthy quiz in our Facebook group on Monday 18th January 3-4pm, so if you have a Facebook account and haven’t yet joined a group, please do get involved if you fancy it! (For those without Facebook, you can still join by searching for the Mirthy Facebook page at that time: the pub quiz will be livestreamed on the page linked.)

If you enjoy a good quiz, there is also Trivia Quiz online which has new questions everyday.

One of our community members has also recommended ‘Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz’ which are every Thursday and Saturday evening (first question at 8:15) and can be found here on YouTube.


Many of us are missing playing games in person but there are many good games that can now be played online. Here are some ones to share with family and friends:

Articulate- just like the board game! If you have a board, you can move the pieces around too! You can also find Articulate Phrases, Articulate for Kids, Articulate your life, and Articulate Fame once you’ve played the original cards!

Scattergories: this can be great fun with a group of friends! Choose your own game categories, number of players and rounds and timings and created your own game link by choosing to play with ‘Invited friends’. Then get ready to type and think fast!

Pictionary. A classic party option! This version gives you the cards as well as the tool to draw online. Play on your own or create your own group with friends, sending them the link to join. You can also alter the time settings to give yourself more or less time!

Codenames is a great game online to play with friends. Less time pressured but requiring some lateral thinking, this is a game that will really get you working those muscles in the brain!

Please comment your own suggestions below- this list is by no means exhaustive!

Arts and Crafts

Again, this is not an exhaustive list, but some places where you can get started.

A community member suggested Claritystamp, where they are releasing blog tutorials throughout January with a range of different craft ideas.  On their YouTube page, you can also find plenty of online video tutorials.

If you enjoy upcycling/recycling materials you have at home, here are some videos that can inspire you with whatever you have available! (*warning- the music can be a little irritating after a while!*)

Jam Jars:

Toilet Paper rolls:

Toothpaste box:

Plastic bottles:

Crisp packets:

Many others!

Any other suggestions for how you reuse materials from around the house, or arts and crafts you enjoy doing, please comment below!


Expressing thoughts in words in creative ways can be extremely cathartic for those who enjoy writing. Thank you to everyone who sent in such wonderful entries for our Christmas story competition; look out in the January newsletter for another upcoming writing competition! If you haven't already read the short stories, you can find the winning entries here, and the shortlisted entries here.

Community member Kay Bagon has also sent in a wonderful essay about the first lockdown in March which can be read here.

If you were looking for new games or activities this lockdown, hopefully this non-exhuaustive list provides some starting inspiration for finding something new to try, or something new to share and talk about with friends/family. 

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