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On the trail of Charles Dickens

Event Description

Charles Dickens absorbed everything he saw, filtered it through his genius, and gave the places and people he wrote about immortality in his books. In doing this, he not only created timeless classics of literature but also documented the rapidly-changing world of the nineteenth century. Looking in particular at some of his most famous works - Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities - this talk peeps into the vanished landscape of Dickens and his characters and explores what still remains to be seen, as we meet once again with Sidney Carton, Pip and Estella, Scrooge, Fagin, and the Artful Dodger.

  • Duration: 60mins
  • Online Zoom event: Join from your computer, phone or tablet (no replay available)
  • Join as an individual or book for private groups up to 300
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Meet the Host, Richard

Richard combines acting, writing and lecturing. He has lectured in many venues including the National Army Museum and the Museum of London, presents virtual lectures online, and has guided for many years for London Walks. He has written for The Journal of Popular Film and Television, The Sherlock Holmes Journal, and the P G Wodehouse journal Wooster Sauce. A specialist in voice work, he has narrated numerous documentaries and 150 audiobooks.

Preparing for the Event

For the best experience, you will need to have Zoom downloaded onto your computer. Please ensure you're connected to broadband/wifi rather than using your mobile phone connection (3G/4G).

We also recommend that pets are either calmly sitting on your lap or in another room, and any refreshments you may require are within your reach!


  • Anonymous.png


    June 2021

    An excellent very interesting talk. The use of the maps made it really fascinating. It has inspired me to read Dickens again.

  • Anonymous.png


    June 2021

    An absolutely fascinating speaker - I could have listened to him for hours and hope one day to be able to visit London with him - he carried me along with him the whole of the talk - wonderful.

  • Anonymous.png


    June 2021

    A very interesting talk by a very entertaining speaker. well researched and varied. Good illustrations to accompany the talk. Excellent!