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Freewheeling in Chile and Argentina

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Paul was inspired to visit Chile by an Italian opera-singing deckhand aboard a Swedish cargo ship in 1961. Eventually, he gets there - and Argentina - with two sons for a bike tour of the Lakes of Northern Patagonia. Over a month weaving between snow-capped volcanoes and crossing the lower Andes by ‘ripio road or boat they spot condors, encounter a Nazi war criminal, and befriend wild Wilfy. Eventually, in Buenos Aires, Paul seeks out the great icons of Argentina – Evita, Maradona, and Tango – having also learnt about the troubled history of Chile and Argentina

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Online Zoom Event: An event held in person
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Paul Gillingham

Meet The Speaker, Paul

Paul taught history in UK, Canada, Tanzania and Hong Kong before becoming a TV and radio journalist and broadcaster. He began as a TV newsreader in Hong Kong in the 70’s (see Paul Gillingham, HK TV via Google) and later produced travel features from around the world for BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service and Classic FM. He has written many articles on travel and a book, ‘At the Peak: A History of Hong Kong Between the Wars’.

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