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  • The Inside Story of the Human Body

    Monday 21 June at 2pm

    Part 1: Taking you on a fantastic journey of discovery inside and around your body. 100,000 heartbeats every day, bones stronger than concrete, nerve signals faster than a racing car, muscles that shake a leg, why colour is only skin deep, eyes that see everything upside down, a brain that forecasts your future, amazing medical cures and the germs that defeated science. You can’t live without it, so discover the amazing facts and surprising stories of your body.

  • Folklore, Folk Tales and Funny Folk

    Monday 19 July at 2pm

    In this witty and very humorous talk Geoff Harris takes a sideways look at some of the laws, old sayings, tales and people that make our country the often madly wonderful place it is today. Just what end of a boiled egg was it illegal to break in the reign of Edward VI? What do you use a cow, a pair of breeches and a stout cudgel for on a Friday? How did Chesterfield church get its crooked spire? The answers to these and many other vital questions are answered in this fast-paced, engaging talk. Your life will be changed!

  • Poisons for Medicine

    Monday 16 August at 2pm

    A darkly humorous look at medicine in the 19th Century. The reign of Victoria saw the development of chemical medicine from medieval-style alchemy to modern pharmacy. Chemists lent their ingenuity to attempt to provide any cure their customers wanted. Some made fortunes, some made disastrous mistakes. As the speaker points out, our recent forebears must have had incredibly strong constitutions to have survived the lethal doses of over-the-counter poisons blatantly advertised as cure-alls. The talk, by Graham Harrison, leaves you amused and stunned in equal measure. Talk length - 41 minutes.

  • The Maturing of Mankind

    Monday 20 September at 2pm

    The story of our development from the time when our distant ancestors just started to walk upright, to when we dominated the world is both unique and fascinating. This Talk briefly describes our biological evolution from five million years ago. It goes on to consider the maturing of our brain and the initial stages of our cultural development. Talk length - 32 minutes.

  • Zeppelin - Ship of Dreams

    Monday 18 October at 2pm

    Count Zeppelin always saw his airships as a means of transport as well as a weapon. In this talk we look at the heyday of travel in these huge craft. We will see how the Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg provided luxurious travel across the Atlantic. How they were built and flown and what it was like to fly on the magnificent but dangerous craft. Talk length - 41 minutes.

  • California Dreaming

    Monday 15 November at 2pm

    This illustrated talk by Neil Sadler is about a road trip across western USA...with some difficulties along the way! Including: - Some fascinating facts about Golden Gate bridge, the earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco and more. - “Get your kicks on Route 66”; the Mother Road which crosses almost 2,500 miles of the USA. - The Grand Canyon; a true marvel of the world. - The Pony Express recruitment criteria (you will never see a poster like it again!) Talk length - 36 minutes.