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  • Tommy Cooper

    Tuesday 15 June at 11am

    Tommy Cooper was the true master of daft jokes and only he could get away with humour of this kind. He also had the facial expressions to match his comedy but his act, like his magic, that was often deliberately made to go wrong…was…well completely magical! The great fez-wearing comic magician died on 15 April 1984 after collapsing in front of millions of TV viewers, but the memories of this legendary performer will remain in the hearts of his millions of adoring fans. In this highly thought-provoking illustrated talk, Steve Short revives some of Cooper’s unique brand of artistry and tells the life story of a true clown prince of comedy and magic.

  • Folklore, Folk Tales and Funny Folk

    Tuesday 29 June at 11am

    In this witty and very humorous talk, Geoff takes a sideways look at some of the laws, old sayings, tales and people that make our country the often madly wonderful place it is today. Just what end of a boiled egg was it illegal to break in the reign of Edward VI? What do you use a cow, a pair of breeches and a stout cudgel for on a Friday? How did Chesterfield church get its crooked spire? The answers to these and many other vital questions are answered in this fast-paced, engaging talk. Your life will be changed!

  • The King and his 14 Wives

    Tuesday 13 July at 11am

    Jenny spent a lot of time in Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) and she is the representative in the UK for The Kingdom. Eswatini is a little known country and people seem to pass through rather than stay. Let Jenny take you through the history and the highlights of Eswatini incorporating amusing anecdotal stories, bird and animal impersonations and why the King has so few wives (in comparison to his father).

  • A Passion for Fashion

    Tuesday 27 July at 11am

    From reading Vogue magazines to designing for Jimi Hendricks and Sophia Loren, Rukshana truly had a ‘Passion for Fashion’. She shares her adventures starting with training in the USA at the age of eighteen, to coming to live in England and setting up her very successful fashion business in her own, unusual way. She talks about how fashion has changed – or how it hasn’t - through the years, spanning the 70s, 80s, 90s and indeed right up to 2014 when she retired. Having organised umpteen Fashion Shows for numerous charities, working mainly in beautiful silks and cottons, Rukshana has many a story to share!