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  • Exploring the Arctic

    Friday 11 June at 11am

    "Where's your favourite place?" That has to be the question most asked of Hazel Griffiths - a Destination Speaker on cruise ships for more than a decade. The answer is always Greenland. This talk will take you there - and many more places - including Norway and Iceland. Full of photographs, the talk touches on history and culture as it showcases this fascinating region.

  • Fishy Tales

    Friday 18 June at 11am

    Kevin Little, who recently retired after 54 years as a fishmonger, recounts some of his “fishy tales”. Find out why Batman uses the expression “holy mackerel” and why we are misled by a “red herring”. Why was the price of butter so crucial to a fishmonger? How his wife threatened divorce when lampreys escaped into his car. The health inspector who was muddled by the fly book, and didn’t approve of Kevin’s first aid kit.

  • Katherine of Aragon

    Friday 25 June at 11am

    Spanish Princess, Princess of Wales, Queen of England, Discarded Wife. Katherine was a much loved, and very popular queen of England for 24 years who deserves to be better known than simply part of a rhyme to remember a king who used and abused six wives. This is a chance for a complicated, passionate and determined woman to be seen in her own spotlight rather than in Henry VIII's shadow.