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Where are the events held?

All events are online, and run through our Mirthy Zoom account. As a host, you will need to be able to join a Zoom event. You do not need a Premium Zoom account to be a host.

Are hosts paid?

Yes, all hosts receive a host fee from Mirthy for each event. This payment is made the week following the event by direct bank transfer. No invoice is required.

What can I expect from hosting a Mirthy event?

Before the event, you will receive necessary tech support and feedback on your presentation outline and event description. At the event, you will be introduced by a Mirthy host, and can point the audience in the direction of how to find out more about you. You also have the opportunity to connect with the Zoom audience in the Question and Answer session. After the event, you will receive an event report with details about the number of people who watched your presentation live and on the recording, along with selected reviews providing guidance on how to improve if appropriate. Our hosts all say that the community feeling is one of the things that makes Mirthy unique.

Can I provide resources?/Would you like me to provide resources?

Yes and yes! You can download the template below in which to put your resources. If you are giving a talk, important names, dates, facts and a glossary of terms can be really helpful, particularly for those who are hard of hearing in our community as automated subtitling can struggle with proper nouns. You can also include extra links to books, websites, and other resources. If you are a cooking host, please include your recipes in this template too.
Template download

An emergency comes up and I need to urgently contact the Mirthy Team with regards to my event that day…

If you have a same-day event, please give Abbie a call on 07365 408444. If your event is later that week, send an email with your number included so you can be called back. Also, please ensure your have filled out this form to give the Mirthy Team your contact details in case of last-minute concerns.

How do I find the reviews left after my event?

After the 7-day recording window has passed, you will receive an email with a feedback report of the reviews left after your event. If you want to see your reviews sooner, go to your event page. After the event, it will not show on the website unless you know the URL. If you type ‘Mirthy [Name of your Event]’ into Google, your page should show up. Regular weekly hosts receive monthly reports.

How do I change the information on my talk pages on the website?

If you want to change an image, description, title or speaker bio, send Abbie an email detailing the changes you want to make and including the images/copy in your email.

It’s the day of the event. How do I join the Zoom meeting?

We will have sent you your event link the Friday before your event from email address. Please use this Zoom link to log in at least 15 minutes prior to the starting time of your event. If you haven’t received this, email or call Abbie on 07365 408 444

How do I tell you about new talks/events I’d like to host?

If you have already hosted an event with Mirthy and are a confirmed Mirthy host, send Abbie a title and c. 100-word description of the event you’d like to suggest. She will be in touch with any questions and can schedule a Zoom call if needed.

How long should talks be?

Talks should be around 45-50 minutes to allow time for a 10 minute Q&A, keeping the event within the hour, unless otherwise agreed.

What makes a successful talk?

This very much depends on your subject and style as a speaker but generally formula goes: Natural delivery style + confidence talking on Zoom and using technology + lots of great photos or personal anecdotes + clear structure within 50 minutes = great talk

Interested in being a host?

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