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When Christmas was Cancelled! - A History of Christmas

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The Christmas celebration that we know today has been a long time in the making as a religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. The middle of winter has always been a time of celebration in the northern hemisphere even before the arrival of Jesus. Christmas has been celebrated in different ways over the centuries and was even cancelled when England was a republic!

  • Duration: 45 mins
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Sandy Leong

Meet The Speaker, Sandy

Sandy Leong is an historian, passionate about bringing history to life and is a lively and entertaining speaker. She has a popular series of entertaining, light hearted talks on general historical subjects. However she specialises in the Tudors, an exciting time in the country as it was changing fast; and in the Viking period, who are much more than the stereotype of raiders in horned helmets. She is an international, professional speaker, and published author.

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