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The Battle of Rorke's Drift

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On the 21st January 1879, the Zulus achieved a stunning victory, annihilating a British army of nearly 1,500 men at Isandlwana. It was the worst defeat ever suffered by the British against an African army.

Later that day, 4000 veteran Zulu warriors moved on the 100-strong British garrison at Rorke’s Drift.

Outnumbered 40:1 they held the Zulus at bay for over 12 terrifying hours during the dark African night.

11 Victoria Crosses were awarded to the defenders of Rorke’s Drift - the most for any other single action in British military history.

This is the true story of bravery, terror, and poignancy.

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Online Zoom event: Join from your computer, phone or tablet (no replay available)
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Meet the Host, Chris

Chris Green (“The History Chap”) tells the stories that bring British history to life.. A graduate in History, Chris combines a deep knowledge of his subjects, with a natural flair for story telling. Audiences have described his talks as interesting, enjoyable and engaging.

Chris lives in the historic market town of Nantwich in Cheshire. Aside from his passion for history, Chris enjoys walking and cooks a mean Thai curry!

Last year, he made his debut as a stand up comedian in Liverpool (and survived to tell the tale!).

His website is: www.thehistorychap.com

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