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Restoring a Ruin and other Misadventures in France

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Event Description

A hilarious story of a young family who decided to take on a holiday project of restoring a ruin in France, which almost took over their lives. Learning to deal with French bureaucracy, Aveyronnais food and the umpteen faux-pas with the language, the talk also includes a brief history of the Cathars and their castles. This talk is fully illustrated with colour slides of beautiful rural France.

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Online Zoom Event: An event held in person
  • Join as an individual or book for private groups up to 45
Rukshana Master

Meet The Speaker, Rukshana

Rukshana spent her childhood in India, had a thoroughly British education and went on to train as a Fashion Designer in the USA. She married and moved to England in 1970. In the 1990s, she and her husband with their two young sons, decided to buy a little ruin in France to do up as a holiday project. This led to many hilarious adventures, which were the basis for her book ‘As it Happens, A Sparkling Adventure through life on the Bright Side’.

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