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Life After Eurovision

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Event Description

Join Vince as he recalls the aftermath of being chosen as the first rock ‘n’ roller to represent the UK in the European Song Contest. What was it that Vince did for all the judges to give him null points and for him to receive threats to his life. Hear all about Vince’s gallant moment as he helped Hollywood movie super star Jayne Mansfield recover from an embarrassing dress malfunction and having to decide if he should become Alvin or Elvis, or simply sing to an audience of pigeons. Life has never been dull for Vince.

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Online Zoom Event: An event held in person
  • Join as an individual or book for private groups up to 300
Vince Eager

Meet The Speaker, Vince

During his 60 years in showbiz and cruise directing, Vince Eager has collected a wealth of stories, anecdotes, tales, call them what you will, that he enjoys talking and writing about. His on-stage popularity over the years has recently spun off into the success he’s enjoyed with his book, “Vince Eager’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Files” and his presentations. Along with his performing and writing, Vince is becoming more and more in demand for his talks and visual media presentations.

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