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Herefordshire Churches: the strange and the wonderful

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Event Description

Find out about some of the strange and wonderful churches we have in the county. With stories about churches at Pipe Aston, Eardisley, Eaton Bishop, Peterchurch, St Margaret‘s, Bacton, Rowlstone, Garway, Brinsop, Castle Frome, Fownhope, Much Marcle, and many more.

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Online Zoom Event: An event held in person
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Penny Platts

Meet The Speaker, Penny

After taking early retirement as a Primary School head teacher, Penny trained as a Tour Guide at Hereford Cathedral and became a Registered Tour Guide for Herefordshire. This has led to an obsession with local history in general, and a particular interest in the parish churches of her home county. She is one of the Churchwardens at her local Parish Church, and is involved in a variety of projects and fundraising there. She and her husband John have travelled widely around the world, putting together several presentations from these visits. They have prepared a total of seventeen talks, which Penny regularly gives to a wide range of local organisations and clubs - on average about eighty talks annually.

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