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Going Underground: The Cave Elephants of Mt Elgon

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Mt Elgon, an extinct volcano straddling the Kenya/Uganda border, is home to a unique population of elephants. Consuming vegetation made low in minerals by the leaching effect of heavy rainfall, elephants travel upto 150m in to the mountain to “mine” the mineral rich volcanic rock.

The talk will also explore the wider natural and cultural history of the the mountain and the fascinating theories as to how the caves might have been formed.

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Online Zoom Event: An event held in person
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Stephen Powles

Meet The Speaker, Stephen

Formerly a vet, Stephen changed career to pursue a lifelong passion for wildlife, wildlife photography, filming and conservation. Stephen’s material has made a number of TV appearances, featured in the national press and won major awards. His photography concentrates on interesting and challenging wildlife subjects, many of which are in and close to his home.

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