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God of War

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“I don’t have to tell you who won the war. You know – the artillery did!” So spoke General George Patton, US Army, in 1945. Contrary to widespread belief, artillery shells and not bullets were the principal killer of 20th century battlefields. This talk describes the early iron bombards of the Middle Ages and explores how these crude, clumsy weapons evolved into the mobile, long range guns and rocket systems that we see today. Focusing on the link between technology and tactics, the narrative explains how and why artillery has come to dominate the battlefields of the modern world

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Online Zoom Event: An event held in person
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Tim Barney

Meet The Speaker, Tim

Tim Barney is fascinated by military history and technology, and has always wanted to share his passion. Following a career in the IT industry, Tim now has the opportunity to pass on some of the fascinating facts and stories he has absorbed over the years. All Tim's talks are designed for non-specialist audiences and will appeal to men and women from every walk of life.

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