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Folklore: Folk Tales and Funny Folk

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In this witty and very humorous talk, Geoff takes a sideways look at some of the laws, old sayings, tales, and people that make our country the often madly wonderful place it is today. Just what end of a boiled egg was it illegal to break in the reign of Edward VI? What do you use a cow, a pair of breeches, and a stout cudgel for on a Friday? How did Chesterfield church get its crooked spire? The answers to these and many other vital questions are answered in this fast-paced, engaging talk. Your life will be changed!

  • Duration: 45 mins
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Geoff Harris

Meet The Speaker, Geoff

Geoff Harris started working as a teacher and taught in a variety of secondary schools all over the UK for ten tears before giving it all up and becoming a clown. Really, that is what he did. The clowning led onto other performance areas and he has been seen on a variety of stages and screens ever since. Ten plus years ago he started to train as a Toastmaster and is now a Fellow of the National Association of Toastmasters, working in some of the grandest hotels and houses in the country.

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