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Eyam - the Plague Village

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What would you do if bubonic plague broke out in your community? In 1665, England was ravaged by The Plague. One in five people in London died. When it arrived in the tiny village of Eyam in Derbyshire, the people did something very brave. They went into a self-imposed quarantine to prevent spreading the plague to neighbouring towns. It cost many of them their lives. Book Chris to tell this inspiring story of courage and self-sacrifice.

  • Duration: 40 mins
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Pen Turner

Meet The Speaker, Pen

Pen Turner spent the first fifty years of her life living in London, where she had pursued careers as varied as a librarian and a remedial massage therapist, until she made the decision to walk away from her old life, travel around the world and achieve some of the things on her ‘wish list’. Now happily settled in Shropshire, she gives talks to try and persuade other people that they should go out and fulfill their own dreams too.

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