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A Small Slice of the Big Apple

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Event Description

60m tourists flock to NYC annually. This talk looks at some true, some quirky and some downright unusual aspects of the “city that never sleeps”. You will hear about the woman who jumped off the 86th floor of the Empire State building (yes, it has a happy ending) and why a young Bob Hope arrived in NYC wearing three shirts at the age of four! It combines facts, humour...oh yes, and a picture of Mae West, who famously quipped, “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted!" And many, many more fascinating and quirky facts from Neil Sadler.

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Online Zoom Event: An event held in person
  • Join as an individual or book for private groups up to 300
Neil Sadler

Meet The Speaker, Neil

Neil Sadler is a retired senior police officer who can provide talks on a range of subjects. Equipment and photographs will illustrate his cases. Neil spent much of his 30 years service as an operational officer in various ranks across Sussex, working briefly in Hong Kong, Trinidad and Abu Dhabi….he even survived Bognor Regis, Haywards Heath and Crawley!

Preparing for the Event

For the best experience, you will need to have Zoom downloaded onto your computer. Please ensure you're connected to broadband/wifi rather than using your mobile phone connection (3G/4G).

We also recommend that pets are either calmly sitting on your lap or in another room, and any refreshments you may require are within your reach!