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A Fishmongers Guide to the Market

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Event Description

Kevin Little has been a fishmonger for 54 years – his shop was in Reading, Berkshire - so he should know his subject! He talks about: How to tell if fish is good quality. Fish that’s gone out of fashion, like coley. Farmed fish versus wild fish. How salmon were nearly fished to extinction. Smoked fish that’s hard to buy, like bloaters, finnan haddock, Arbroath smokies, smoked sprats and Manx kippers. Try cooking squid yourself. And to end, a description of scallops, cockles, whelks, crabs and lobsters versus crayfish and crawfish. This talk is informative, great for foodies!

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Online Zoom Event: An event held in person
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Kevin Little

Meet The Speaker, Kevin

After an unlikely beginning as a gentleman’s hairdresser, Kevin became a fishmonger. His shop, the Smelly Alley Fish Company, in Reading, Berkshire, was his for the next 54 years. After being born and bred in Reading, he moved to Somerset where he has lived for thirty years, commuting up and down the A303. He owns a smallholding with his wife, Liz, where he keeps rescued ponies, a mule, a dog, many, many cats, geese and ducks. All are rescued, from the Rumanian German Shepherd dog to the cats that just turn up, seeking a home.

Preparing for the Event

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