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Early Beliefs, Religion or Superstition?

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At what stage in human evolution did the supernatural begin to feature in human consciousness? How, or why, did a recognition of the supernatural develop into a general religious awareness? Is religious belief an inevitable part of the evolutionary process, or simply a means of describing the inexplicable in the primitive mind? The early religious perception of Humankind is fascinating, if somewhat controversial, subject. In this presentation I will discuss early supernatural and religious development as dispassionately as possible, focussing on the impact such beliefs may have had on early societies rather than the beliefs themselves, which will always remain a matter of conjecture.

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Neil Meldrum

Meet The Speaker, Neil

Neil Meldrum has been a lawyer for 40 years. Now retired, Neil has the opportunity of indulging his fascination in all things to do with ancient history and the cultural evolution of mankind. Although an amateur, these are compelling subjects which have been undergoing considerable re-appraisal in recent years. Neil's talks range from the development and the cultural evolution of early man to the Maya and Aztecs of Ancient Mexico and the Incas of Peru, areas that he has visited extensively. More recently he has been focusing on early culture in Ancient China, India, Egypt and Mesopotamia and in particular looking at early religions in these regions.

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