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Ancient China comes of Age.

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China is often described as having the oldest continuous civilization in the world. In this talk, I look at the early foundations of this extraordinary culture way back in the second millennium BCE. I recount how this civilization matured and expanded throughout the battles and bloodshed of the first millennium BCE, culminating in the creation of the first Chinese Empire by the ruthless Shi Huang DI in 221 BCE. Finally, I will try to explain some of the principles of Confucianism and Daoism, and why these doctrines came to dominate Chinese society.

  • Duration: 45 mins
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Neil Meldrum

Meet The Speaker, Neil

Neil Meldrum has been a lawyer for 40 years. Now retired, Neil has the opportunity of indulging his fascination in all things to do with ancient history and the cultural evolution of mankind. Although an amateur, these are compelling subjects which have been undergoing considerable re-appraisal in recent years. Neil's talks range from the development and the cultural evolution of early man to the Maya and Aztecs of Ancient Mexico and the Incas of Peru, areas that he has visited extensively. More recently he has been focusing on early culture in Ancient China, India, Egypt and Mesopotamia and in particular looking at early religions in these regions.

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