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Play Reading Workshop Series: Much Ado About Nothing


Event Description

Claire Cartwright, founder of Friends with Shakespeare, returns with a series of four workshops on the glorious Much Ado About Nothing. Each week we will read sections of the play aloud, discussing the context, character, and ideas woven into the play. You do not need to know the play or have read it before. We will explore and discover as we go.

  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes x 4
  • Online Zoom event: Join from your computer, phone or tablet (no replay available)
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Meet the Host, Claire

Claire Cartwright, founder of Friends with Shakespeare, is an actress, writer, producer and tutor. She focused on Shakespeare during her English Literature degree at Edinburgh University and continued this focus while training as an actress at ALRA. Claire has been teaching Shakespeare to both students and adults for over 10 years.
She has played a number of Shakespeare’s leading ladies in London and around the world, including Portia (The Merchant of Venice), Lady Macbeth - twice…best not read too much into that! (Macbeth), Hermione (A Winter’s Tale), Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing) and Peaseblossom … indisputably the leading fairy, if not the leading lady!  (A Midsummer Night’s Dream).

Preparing for the Event

Ensure you have access to the play, either a physical copy or an online version (click here)

For the best experience, you will need to have Zoom downloaded onto your computer. Please ensure you're connected to broadband/wifi rather than using your mobile phone connection (3G/4G).

We also recommend that pets are either calmly sitting on your lap or in another room, and any refreshments you may require are within your reach!


  • Anonymous.png


    November 2021

    This was one of the most interesting and enjoyable online events I have ever attended. Claire is a mine of information which provided invaluable information about the play. The readers were fantastic.

  • Anonymous.png


    July 2021

    Excellent session. I really enjoyed it. I know the play very well but Claire’s historical, social and mythological background really added depth to my knowledge. I would love to do another session as I am a real Shakespeare fan!