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Footcare for over-50s

Health and Wellbeing

Event Description

Join Yewande to address footcare for over fifties. When we walk, we place all our weight on our feet. Let’s appreciate and really look after our fantastic feet. Daily self-care suggestions to improve the way we look after our extremities. This session includes gentle exercises and finishes with deep restful breathing and physical relaxation. By the end of the session, Yewande hopes you will feel the great benefits physically, socially, emotionally, mindfully, and mentally. Designed for participants to listen, ask questions, and take simple, positive actions on the practical suggestions.

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Online Zoom event: Join from your computer, phone or tablet (no replay available)

Meet the Host, Yewande

Yewande Rolph founded her Award-Winning well-being company (Natural Fragrance Company Limited) in 2013. She designs, creates, formulates, and sells her own range of relaxing, uplifting natural products and services. Yewande also provides online sleep clinics, demonstrations, education slots & workshops, as well as inspiring thousands of professionals to enhance their wellness naturally. Over the years, her business has grown from strength to strength, gathering huge numbers of testimonials from a wide range of clients including Accountants, Entrepreneurs, Osteopaths, Charity Managers, Therapists & Teachers.