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English Fiddle

English Fiddle - The Knitting Reel

Event Description

The joyful combination of English fiddle partnership Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll welcomes you into their family from the first note. Using two fiddles and two voices, Nick and Becki’s refined arrangements feature intricate subtleties that build to driving rhythms, stunning harmonies and dramatic crescendos.

These compositions are infused with shared stories, songs and tunes from England’s west country and beyond – and it can all start from just one simple riff. This is the very essence of folk music; allowing the past to inspire the future.

The duo’s own story began on a six-month busking and hitchhiking adventure. A few years and two children later, their music has matured to bear the unmistakable hallmarks of a partnership grounded in the confidence that only mutual love, trust and stability can bring.

This is music for the heart, the mind and the soul, and an afternoon in Nick and Becki’s company will remind you of the importance of each.

  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Online Zoom event: Join from your computer, phone or tablet (no replay available)
  • Join as an individual or book for private groups up to 300

Meet the Host, Nick & Becki

The musical partnership of Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll has its roots in the traditional music of South West England but explores a contemporary sound that draws on inspiration from across the globe.

Their latest album Cold Light bridges the gap between past and present with a mixture of traditional dance tunes, new compositions and self-penned songs.

Nick & Becki are expert workshop leaders as well as performers and have a number of projects on offer alongside their duo repertoire.

Preparing for the Event

For the best experience, you will need to have Zoom downloaded onto your computer. Please ensure you're connected to broadband/wifi rather than using your mobile phone connection (3G/4G).

We also recommend that pets are either calmly sitting on your lap or in another room, and any refreshments you may require are within your reach!


  • Anonymous.png


    July 2021

    Excellent performances and informative introductions to the tunes. Friendly & welcoming! Thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommended!

  • Anonymous.png


    July 2021

    Excellent concert. Variety and humour, as well as wonderful songs both traditional and new. So enthused, I visited their website and bought the cd!

  • Anonymous.png


    July 2021

    I really enjoyed the English Fiddle performance. Nick and Becky were entertaining and played a great variety of tunes. Their playing and singing was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyable!