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Climate and Ecological Crisis? What's all the fuss about?


Event Description

Melting ice caps, rising sea levels, loss of habitat, extinction of animals and insects, the disappearance of bees and other pollinators; many of us have some level of awareness of the climate and ecological crisis. And yet we continue driving cars and having babies. So do we really understand the impact of these environmental changes on our world? And if we do, how can we translate this understanding into action? This talk is an easy-to-follow look at the whole subject & possible solutions. Every time David gives this talk somebody says “everyone should hear this!”.

  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Online Zoom event: Join from your computer, phone or tablet (no replay available)
David Ramsden MBE

Meet the Host, David

David's always been fascinated by flight. As a boy he watched anything that flew, including birds, which led to his passion for wildlife and ultimately his vocation. David's been actively involved in nature conservation since 1984 and in 2007 received an MBE for “Services to wildlife” which he accepted on behalf of the wildlife charity he co-founded and still works for today. David's been public speaking for well over thirty years. He takes great care in preparing his presentations and has been humbled by the compliments they’ve received such as “brilliant”, “inspiring”, and “the best talk we’ve ever had”.

  • Anonymous.png

    Prof. Alasdair Skelton, Director of the Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University

    June 2021

    This is the best talk I have heard about the climate and ecological crisis. As a scientist, working on climate, I can confirm that David has put in an enormous amount of work "behind the scenes" to ensure that all that he conveys is factually correct. At the same time, David makes this challenging topic accessible to a wide audience. I warmly recommend this outstanding talk to everyone

Informative and practical

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    September 2021

    David Ramsden explained the situation clearly and rationally. It really helped me understand the current situation and has made me consider what are the next steps that I should take to help save the environment. Thank you very much

Everyone needs to watch this!

  • Anonymous.png


    September 2021

    Excellent talk - well presented. Needs to be promoted more widely - say TV. Such an important topic that everyone needs to understand and act accordingly if subsequent generations are not going to have to face serious consequences. A concerned 80 y.o.


  • Anonymous.png


    September 2021

    WOW! Absolutely engrossing, full of interest and common sense. Let's hope his message gets out there. I think you promised a re-run and further talks. I will certainly be looking out for them.